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A Catholic magazine for youth and young families published by Jesus Youth,

an International Catholic Movement approved by the Holy See.

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Kairos Global is a Catholic magazine for youth and young families, published by Jesus Youth – an International Catholic Movement approved by the Holy See.

The name, Kairos is an ancient Greek word that means, ‘opportune moment’. To a Christian, it is God’s anointed time – a special time of grace. As St. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:2, ‘See, now is the acceptable time (kairos); see, now is the day of salvation.’

After two decades’ publication of the Malayalam Kairos, there was felt a need for an English magazine that would not only unite Jesus Youth from across cultures and regions but which could be used as a tool to spread the Good News, the world over. It is from here Kairos Global took form.

Kairos Global is unique in various ways. This is the only Catholic magazine that focuses on youth and young families. It is put together in a simple format, with testimonies of teens, youth, and young families. Kairos tries to avoid preaching and attempts to present things in a contemporary tone, thus sharing the love of God.


Kairos Global Contents

Ask Father Bitaju – Answers to questions on faith and life from a Catholic perspective

Pope Talk – Wisdom from our Pope Francis

Jesus Youth – Dr. Edward Edezhath, one of the pioneers of Jesus Youth, gives us a glimpse of the growth of the movement        

Engage – General article on faith

Encounter – An encounter with a person’s faith/life experience

Evolution – Articles to help a career, life, leadership development, etc.

Experience – Faith experiences and testimonies

In Focus – Main theme-based article

Up Close – Interview

Living Life – Short theme-based experiences

Family In Focus – Interview with a Christian/Pro-life/Missionary family

Familia – Articles on family life

Culture of Life – Pro-life article

Kairos Story – Evolution of magazine written by Kairos pioneers

Infographic – Faith-based info and graphics

Truth Memes – Memes on Catholic faith apologetics

Teen Talk - Article by teenager/ YA about their faith experiences

Our Daily Bread - Bible reflection/Scripture-related article

Chandeliers - Biography of a saint

SoundReply - Book / Movie review

Newswatch - JY News/Church News

Blooming Kids - Articles by/for little kids

QuizTime – Quizzes and puzzles

Lukas and Ray – Cartoon

Kairos Global Promo

Fr. Rajeev Philip Endorses Kairos Global

Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil Endorses Kairos Global


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"I have been a reader of the Kairos Malayalam edition for some years in the past. It was very good to see the English Kairos Global – a much needed one for those in the mission. I greatly appreciate the content and its presentation. It is ‘appealing’ to youthful minds in many ways. The content is very informative and they carry the ‘thread of inspiration’ through the personal and down-to-earth testimonies. What is more striking is that the magazine represents a larger family of ‘committed and fervent evangelisers-by-example’. It carries an energy that enlivens every reader. May the efforts be blessed hundred fold by the Master and Lord Jesus!"

- Fr. Dr. Francis Cheerangal, St. Xavier College, Nagaland, India

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