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A Catholic magazine for children aged 3 to 12 published by Jesus Youth,

an International Catholic Movement approved by the Holy See.

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Kairos Buds is the best Catholic magazine for kids aged 3 to 12 years published by Jesus Youth, an International Catholic Movement approved by Holy See. Rooted in the Catholic faith, Kairos Buds aims to be a faith-building instrument for little souls. Colorful and attractive, Kairos Buds is THE children’s magazine that parents and children alike will love!

From cartoons, articles, and facts carefully curated to inculcate a love for the Catholic Church, to varied activities, segments on parenting, health, soft-skill development, and contributions from talented young ones, every page of Kairos Buds has been designed to be highly engrossing!


So what’s exciting about Kairos Buds? Here is a peek into the contents.


  • BIBLE TOONIN – cartoon based on Bible stories

  • DARE TO BE SAINTS – stories about the life of saints

  • FAMILY CAFE – stories revolving around a family

  • TONY & TINA – stories about two smart teenagers


  • WORD OF LIFE – Learn Bible verses while coloring

  • BRAIN GYM – Brain games & puzzles

  • HOBBY HUB – Do-it-yourself activities

  • COLOR ME - Coloring pages

Cool Catholic

  • PILGRIMAGE – Learn about famous churches around the world

  • DID YOU KNOW – Interesting facts about the Catholic Church

  • FAITH AND REASON - Articles on faith and science

  • SHEPHERDS’ STORY – Childhood stories of our Bishops

  • DIVINE FAMILIA – Articles on improving personal relationship with Jesus

Smart Mind, Healthy Body

  • LUMINOUS LIBRARY – Reviews on books, movies, and apps

  • WINGS TO WIN – Articles to helping children to develop soft skills

  • TAKE CARE – Articles on health and wellness

  • Q&A – Answers on faith and life questions from kids

Smart Kids

  • MY CANVAS – Art Submissions by kids

  • LITTLE WRITERS – Stories written by kids

  • MY STORY – Testimonies and narrative examples by kids

  • HAPPENINGS – Update from Jesus Youth kids ministries worldwide


  • SMART PARENTING – articles on parenting and child development


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"I have always regarded Jesus Youth, as a special gift to the Church. I am deeply impressed by their love of Jesus. They also have an inspiring sense of being on mission. I wish to congratulate them for the good work that they have been doing for the children of 4-12 years age group, called Kairos Buds. The foundations for a meaningful life in the future are laid in early childhood. If we want the Church of the future to be fired with zeal, for the mission of Jesus, then we must pay special attention to our children. And that is what the Jesus Youth have been doing."

 - His Excellency Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Pune Diocese, India

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