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A Prize money of Rs. 2 lakhs including Rs. 75000- for the best film (12).jpg

Theme The theme for the competition will be “Resilient Faith”. All teams participating in the competition should create a short film based on the given theme.

Resilient faith is a steadfast belief that transcends logical comprehension, enduring challenges, and uncertainties. It arises from a deep spiritual conviction, providing strength, hope, and guidance, even in the face of circumstances that defy rational explanation.


Rules and regulations


  1. The short film should be completed and submitted on or before Aug 31, 2023.

  2. Short films may be in any form (fiction, documentary, animation, etc) short with any device or camera set-up (in MP4 format, Full HD (1080p), or 1920X1820p).

  3. Short films taken through Android mobile phones, iPhones, or any other devices are all acceptable.

  4. Applicant can send the Film in Pen Drive OR to the Google Drive link to with the entry form.

  5. The Festival Management will not be responsible if the film is not screened due to a problem with the format or with the pen Drive.

  6. Time limit for the shot film should be not more than 15 minutes.

  7. The short film can be in any language or any genre. All non- English films must have English sub- titles for festival presentation.

  8. Team should have complete license over the short film they have taken. if any copyright issue arises the festival management will not be responsible and their team will be disqualified.

  9. Censor Certificate is not mandatory for the film screening.

  10. Multiple entries can be submitted

  11. Festival organization has right to use the entries / send / selected / nominated films, and materials from the film for Festival promotional purposes and to retain DVD copies of each film as part of our festival library.

  12. Films once selected & submitted for final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances until festival is over.

  13. Title & Credits: Each film should depict its title and credits, including the names of the producer, writer and director.

  14. Jury: A Jury will select the winners.

  15. Screening Rights: The Kairos Media will have the right to use the films for any purpose it deems fit including uploading these on its website/social media. An undertaking in this regard, as given in the application form, must be duly signed and scanned copy should be uploaded. However, the participants may continue to have their rights on their films and may be free to participate in any other competitions/festivals.

  16. Invalid entries: Incomplete forms and entries, not fulfilling the terms and conditions, as above, will be treated as invalid and may not be considered for the competition.

  17. However, the Kairos Media may not return them.

  18. Entry fee for the competition is Rs. 500/- and final date for application entry is July 15.

  19. Applicant can pay the entry fee to the UPI Id - kairose@fbl

  20. Results: Result will be published on September 15 and the results of the competition will be uploaded on our website, i.e.,

  21. Posters of the film: The applicant whose film is shortlisted for the award will require to send a coloured poster (A-3 size) of the film depicting the title of the film, brief theme in English and names of the main crew, only in soft copy. Prize Money Distribution


1. Prize Money - Best Film Rs. 75,000.00


2. Prize Money - Best Film – Second Rs. 50,000.00


3. Prize Money - Best Film – Third Rs. 30,000.00


4. Prize Money – Best Performer Rs. 5,000.00


5. Prize Money - Best Director Rs. 5,000.00


6. Prize Money - Best Screenplay Rs. 5,000.00


7. Prize Money - Best Editing Rs. 5,000.00


8. Prize Money - Best Cinematographer Rs. 5,000.00


9. Prize Money - Special Jury Award Rs. 5,000.00


10. Prize Money – Special Mention (3 Nos) Rs. 5,000.00

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