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Top Christian Magazine For Kids That Moms Love & Kids Read!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that a Christian family should be a miniature church, where family members strengthen one another in faith and outdo one another in their zeal for God. Children, being the blessing of God and fruits of a family, should be brought up to know, love and serve God. They are the future and hope of the Church, as St John Paul II says.

Bringing up children in faith requires going to their levels and engaging them at their innocent, playful, vibrant, inquisitive, energetic and creative best. This is what Kairos Buds strives to achieve.

Kairos Buds is the Catholic magazine for children aged 3 to 12 years, where focus is on 6 to 12 year-olds. This 36-page monthly magazine fits easily in their little hands, sits beautifully in their hearts, and is a delight to their little selves. The perfect ‘friend’ to know and understand their Catholic faith, Kairos Buds helps children see how beautiful indeed is the Catholic Church.

Through cartoons, children come to learn stories from the Bible, lives of the great saints as well as about Christian life as God’s children and in families. They understand different aspects of our great and awesome Catholic Church in Divine Familia – where they develop deeper bonds of faith, Pilgrimage – where they come to know famous Catholic churches around the world, and in Faith and Reason – which shows how faith and science are good friends.

Kairos Buds is also a magazine by children. Understanding the faith from a child’s perspective is what Little Writers is about. My Story has children writing about their own testimonies of faith and God experiences. And My Canvas showcases their artistic prowess.

Children need an all-round development, and this is ensured through the Smart Mind Healthy Body section of Kairos Buds. They are introduced to good books, movies and social media through Luminous Library; sound physical, mental and emotional health through Take Care; developing soft skills in Wings to Win as well as a dose of humour in Just Laugh/Holy Humour. Being naturally inquisitive, children can find answers to their questions on faith and life in Q&A, answered alternatively by a priest and a social work doctor. Parents too benefit from Kairos Buds through the Smart Parenting articles. It is not exaggeration when we say that Kairos Buds is enjoyed by every member of the family, irrespective of age!

Through its many activity pages, Kairos Buds is able to engage children in their artistic and mental skills. Brain Gym and Puzzles try to help them work their minds, while Colour Me, Word of Life, Learn to Draw, bring out the Christian artists in them with art and Scripture.

Kairos Buds magazine is designed to delight the hearts of children and ‘capture’ them for the Lord. With every page a visual treat, content to inform, engage, illumine and amaze, Kairos Buds is quickly emerging as the best Catholic magazine for children.

To all parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, Catechism teachers, priests and religious – if you want to give the gift of faith, if you want the seeds of the Catholic faith to grow and bloom in the lives of your children, Kairos Buds is your ‘watering can’ through which flow Living Waters of the Eternal Word.

Please use the below links to subscribe, know more about the magazines, view the sample magazines, watch the promo videos, Bishop’s message, and magazine reviews. Kairos Buds :

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