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Best Christian Gifts for Children

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Are you on the search for a special gift to delight a child? How about a gift that will nurture their faith with fun and enjoyment! Compiled below are some fabulous gifting ideas.

1. Kairos Buds Magazine

Kairos Buds is the best Catholic magazine for kids aged 3 to 12 years, published by Jesus Youth – an international Catholic movement approved by the Holy See. Rooted in the Catholic faith, Kairos Buds aims to be a faith-building instrument for little souls. Designed to win the minds and hearts of little children, Kairos Buds is THE Catholic magazine that parents and children will love!

From cartoons to faith articles that are carefully curated to inculcate a love for the Catholic Church, to varied activities, segments on parenting, health, soft-skill development, and contributions from talented young ones, every page of Kairos Buds promises to be highly engrossing!

2. Kairos Buds Diary

Gift your children, young friends or loved ones this amazing diary (undated) to journey with them through the new year. Prayers, saint stories, art activities, puzzles, pages to get creative, and more!

3. Portable Peg Doll Church Box

This handcrafted box is designed by Farris Creations. Through interesting and interactive learning, it will help children understand the Mass and the altar, where we remember Jesus’s great sacrifice. The Portable Peg Doll Church Box consists of a hand-painted priest peg doll and removable altar table. The miniature items consist of a metal chalice, paten, paper Bible, two paper missals, candlesticks, and a pair of floral arrangements, which can be stored in the small bag included. The entire box, finished with a non-toxic seal is very attractive for children.

4. Stations Of The Cross Prints

Stations Of The Cross Prints, made by Sacred Print is a beautiful way to bring children to love our Catholic devotions. And to evangelise through art and beauty! This pack of 14 high quality bi-lingual prints (English & Spanish) of the Stations of the Cross comes in a cute burlap bag.

5. Lily Lolek – Future Saint

Lily Lolek, by Katie Warner is the story of young Lily who dreams of becoming a saint. With colourful illustrations and whimsical rhyme, a powerful lesson is conveyed to young children.

6. Catholic Prayer-Scripture Cube

Do you know older hildren/adults who are new to the Catholic faith? This prayer-scripture cube is an ideal way for them to learn some of the basic prayers. And a good way to remind everyone of our everyday prayers too!

7. Plush Dolls

Plush dolls by Shining Light Dolls help children to play and pray! Each doll will help the child know more about that saint and come to realise the mighty power as well as the gentle care of our Heavenly Father.

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