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Best Catholic Gifts For Children

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

As prayerful Catholics, it is nice to give our loved ones a present that reminds the receiver of not only our love, but God’s love too. We have compiled an amazing set of gifts to surprise your children. So why not send them a little something to mark their special day?


It sure is fun to write a diary, and a lot more fun when you get to do a lot more. Kairos Buds Diary provides your child with space to create something new and write down more than just their thoughts. From stories about saints, colouring pages and activities to the Catholic calendar, monthly planner and pages to get creative, it is perfect to help the young buds stay on track.


One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of faith - an answer to all their questions, or even a platform to showcase their talents. Kairos Buds is the Catholic magazine for children between 3-12 years, published by Kairos Media, the media outreach arm of Jesus Youth, the International Catholic Movement approved by Holy See. From cartoons to colouring pages, artwork to articles, even wisdom for parents, Kairos Buds can help one grow closer to God and the Catholic Church. Children themselves are encouraged to submit articles, stories or drawings to the publication. Subscription can be easily done online, copies available both online and offline, with extra information on the social media pages.


We all search for encouragement, even in the tiniest of tasks. What better reminder than a statue of your favourite saint right next to you? From patrons of professions to practices, studies and games, each saint is an inspiration for our faith, and perhaps, the best friend we need. A small figurine to keep on your table, or a book on their life to guide you, might be just the story you need.


Tired from all the work or classes? Why not take an offline break with your family. Bible puzzles, crosswords, and even jokes from Scripture will encourage everyone to read the Bible more often, and maybe spend time together laughing over the lines.


The Rosary is a powerful prayer and keeps you close to Mamma Mary. Adult or kid, you can always wear a rosary around your neck. Smaller ones as bracelets can also be worn on the wrist. It’s common for kids to accessorise these days, so gifting them rings with the cross or those with an image of their saint, and getting it blessed at your local parish would make them happy.


Carrying the complete Bible around everywhere might be cumbersome; some of the verses can be difficult for kids to understand as well. You can get them a small pocket Bible that can be easily held, and maybe read along with during prayer time. Age-specific Bibles having colourful illustrations and in large print are also available for toddlers’ enjoyment.


Be it posing in a spider suit or running around wearing a cape, kids are quite fascinated to dress up as their favourite superheroes. Why not do the same for the greatest Saviour of all ? You can't always walk around in a beard and wig, but sure can share his words. A tee, sweatshirt or even a hoodie, with various verses or a particular image printed on it makes a nice gift that can be put to good use, and for all ages. That way, Christmas or Halloween won't be the only time to dress up - you can match with your family and also share his message to all you meet.

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