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Kairos Global, the English magazine published by the Jesus Youth movement for the youth, is an initiative by the movement to unite youth and young families all over the world in their zeal for Christ. The magazine is the perfect pathway to holiness for contemporary youth, with relevant and comprehensive articles, reviews, testimonies and much more.  Click Here to subscribe or read a sample issue.


Kairos Buds is the toolkit for children's holistic development. Complete with carefully curated articles on various topics including Christian faith, personality development, health and well-being, knowledge of the Catholic Church, and fun and attractive Bible games, this magazine in English, for kids ages 3–12, is riveting to both children and parents. Click Here to download or read a sample issue.


Initiated by a group of young people, Kairos magazine goes way back as far as 1977. Published in Malayalam, it features personal experiences of youth, lifestyle guides, discussions, opinions, Church and Jesus Youth news, and much more – all put together in a practical and relatable way. It helps thousands of young people form relevant responses and lifestyles in today’s changing world. Click Here to subscribe or read a sample issue.


Kairos Jaago Hindi magazine, is the newest venture in the Jesus Youth movement’s endeavour as a missionary movement in service of the Church. Started in 2023, it focuses on youth and young families in different states of India seeking to know and love the Lord, allowing them to stay rooted in their faith and also grow in
the movement.
Click Here to subscribe or read a sample issue.


 Jesus Youth International, Navodaya Studio Complex, Kakkanad, Cochin - 682030

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